Matter and Space

The concepts of matter and space form opposite ends of a continuum, with ideal solid matter on one end and pure empty space on the other. These are only ideas. Real matter and real space lie on the continuum between. Thus, all "solid matter" contains "matter" and "space;" all "empty space" contains "space" and "matter." In tune with the assumption of microcosmic (and macrocosmic) infinity, there are no partless parts; just as there can be no absolute vacuum. Those who believe in ether as a medium for light transmission, as I do, simply are giving up the indeterministic idea held at various times by Einstein that empty space is a possibility. I assume empty space to be impossible, with the larger philosophical implication that nonexistence itself is impossible. The ether contains particles every bit as "mechanical" as any other part of the universe.

I find the idealizations of "matter" and "space" to be useful in describing the universe, but I don't think of matter as being "partless" or "solid" and I don't think of space as being "pure" or completely empty.


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