Minor progress in the regressive community according to Steve Puetz

PSI Blog 20181205 Minor progress in the regressive community according to Steve Puetz

This is from my co-author, who is Director of the Hawaii PSI office:

Hi Glenn,

A few days ago, on the "Science Channel", I watched an interesting show called "How the universe operates". They still believe in the Big Bang Theory, however, it seems that astronomers have slightly changed their views over the past 10 years. Following, are some of their comments.

1) They noted that "dark matter" (aetherial matter) might actually be interactive (rather than the previous idea of mass-less dark matter that only has a gravitational effect). They came to this conclusion by studying how two galaxies collide. Of course, I still believe that "baryonic dark matter" exists, and helps explain the rotation of galaxies. The key take-away is that some astronomers seem to be rejecting the idea of mass-less dark matter (aetherial dark matter).

2) The moderator said that Zwicky's ideas are now being accepted by mainstream astronomers. He said that even though Zwicky was hated by his peers 30 years ago, the prevailing view now is that Zwicky was just too far ahead of his time. As Doogie noted in one of his e-mails, once new observations and new ideas are out there, they cannot be taken back. If the observations and ideas are correct, then scientists will eventually accept them. That appears to be true for Zwicky, as it has for many other unfortunate researchers who were too far ahead of their time. (For example, Borchardt's 10 Assumptions ... :smile.)

3) Mike Rampino was also on the show, discussing his theory of how dark matter causes cycles in asteroid strikes. If you recall, Rampino reviewed our paper on mass-extinctions (which I still have not rewritten).

In summary, the ideas within the scientific community continue to evolve -- slowly moving in the direction that we anticipate as they try to resolve contradictions and new observations. Of course, the progress is at a snail’s pace. I'm not sure when the 10 Assumptions will become mainstream....


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