Meet Fred Frees

Fred Frees is the newest member of the Progressive Science Institute. Fred is the son of Paul Frees, the famous voice actor. He will be doing voice work for PSI, with his current project being a “books on tape” version of “The Scientific Worldview.” Fred is ideally suited to this activity in that he admires and understands the book thoroughly and has a magnificent voice with which to portray it. Not only that, Fred has written an essay “Creationism and the Second Law of Thermodynamics,” which applies some of “The Ten Assumptions of Science” to critique “The Face That Demonstrates The Farce of Evolution,” by evangelist Hank Hanegraaff.

Fred also tells of how his curiosity long ago led him to do a relatively futile side-by-side comparison of evolution and creationism. His essay on the comparison reached hundreds of pages before he finally discovered TSW. Upon reading the book, he realized that this was the answer to clearing up all the confusion: "There is an inexplicable sense of satisfaction that I feel when I am able to comprehend the Univironmental view of the world. If there was a fire in my home, the first book I'd grab would be TSW." PSI whole heartily welcomes Fred to the Univironmental community!


Lkie said...

Fred Frees has a lot of new audio out on Amazon...


His Zombie Maria title is especially interesting!

Anonymous said...

Paul Frees, the father of Fred, was the son of Latvian and Polish immigrants.

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