The contradiction between Infinite Universe Theory and the Big Bang Theory

Comment addressed to Vikram Arora:

I like much of your infinite universe theory. You certainly are differential to the Big Bang theorists, who have proposed a direct contradiction of Infinite Universe Theory. All their calculations assume that the galactic redshift proves that the universe is expanding. This is in accord with Einstein's view that space is empty and that nothing should happen to the light that travels through it. Many of us do not believe that space is empty, or that time is a dimension like Einstein assumed. I consider time to be motion, which is not matter, but what matter does. The microwave background proves that space is not empty, but that it contains matter in motion (the definition of temperature). Empty space would have a temperature of 0 degrees K, not the 2.7 degrees K that is observed. Recent measurements (and some of the old ones) indicate that there is an ether that is the medium for transmitting light motion (see p. 203 in “The Scientific Worldview”). Like all wave motion, light loses energy over distance, becoming red shifted and eventually absorbed. So the infinite universe is 3-dimensional and eternal, as you say.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I find it, well... "sad," I guess, that you find self-aggrandizement so necessary. Your blog entries are completely self-referential. We're all proud of ourselves and our accomplishments to some degree, and a little egotism in plain site is refreshing when so many people hide it.

But you go over the top. You claim entire schools of thought like "determinism" and "science" as though they were your own. I don't care if you have a PhD. I'd like to see you pick up a primary research article on DNA recombination and see how much you understand. Your pseudo-scientific treatise is riddled with errors in basic biochemistry.

Publishing comments of people who worship your pseudo-scientific tripe is the icing on the cake.

You should re-work your ideas so that they are suitable for the scientific and philosophical professional community (instead of drivel that pseudo-intellectuals talk about over beer).

Anonymous said...

I challenge you to use your "neomechanics" to describe a chemical bond. Your explanation will have to take into account all observable phenomena and subsume it under a general principle. Please don't leave out a mention of quantum mechanics in your answer.

Dr. Rodney Kawecki Phd. said...

Background radiation is created by the sun's heat and differs in different regions of space. Since no one knows what makes the universe infinite...it is still a mystery. A new author has developed a new theory on FTL. His book The Supertellic Universe. Common's on W.Babin.net illustrtae assigned articles on the book info.
Kawecki can show in mathematical terminology how and whty FTL is possible and without violating relativity. Meaning within the same structured universe. His second book explains what the (infinite) universe actually is, how it works and the structure that creates an infinite universe analogy. Stay tune...

Dr. Rodney Kawecki Phd. said...
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