Are the Steady State Theory and the Infinite Universe Theory identical?

This question was posed on Yahoo Answers:

“I know the Big Bang Theory is pretty much the only one accepted in science, but I want to learn about the others. There's got to be others. They're soooo hard to search. I'm doing a research paper on creation theories, and so far I've got the Big Bang, Infinite Universe Theory, Theta-MEST, and Theorist Theories. Are there any others?

Oh and if you have an idea of what there was before the universe was created or how it was created I would really like to hear it. I'm mega interested in your own opinion.”

My answer:

The Infinite Universe Theory (Borchardt, 2007) should not be confused with the Steady State Theory, which it commonly is. Steady State Theory assumes that the universe is expanding, with hydrogen being created out of nothing, albeit over very long periods. Like the BBT, Steady State Theory is based on the assumption of creation, while the true Infinite Universe Theory (IUT) is based on the assumption of CONSERVATION (Matter and the motion of matter can neither be created nor destroyed), also known in its energy-based form as the First Law of Thermodynamics. Cosmological theories that assume that the universe had a beginning are referred to as "cosmogonies." They stem from the everyday observation that all things in the universe have a beginning (as their various parts converge) and an ending (as their various parts diverge). This is a non sequitur, however, for the universe as a whole. The requisite convergences and divergences may continue forever within an infinite universe. The opposing view assumes that the universe is finite, existing within an infinite void or expanding into the 4-dimensional spacetime of mathematical imagination. One cannot escape infinity. Even if one assumed there was a creator, the question always arises “Who created the creator?”

Nearly every civilization has a cosmogony, although the alternative, minority view probably can be found within most societies as well. You just have to check historical documents. For instance, in checking for evidence of pre-1849 earthquakes in California I came across this conversation between a priest and a Native American:

Priest: "You know that God created the universe, don't you?”

Native: "Why you silly man. It has always been here!"


Borchardt, Glenn, 2007, Infinite universe theory: Proceedings of the Natural Philosophy Alliance, v. 4, no. 1, p. 20-23. ( http://scientificphilosophy.com/Downloads/IUT.pdf )

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