Natural Philosophy Alliance Meets to Challenge Einstein and the Big Bang

Next week, about a hundred dissidents will be meeting at the University of Maryland to discuss the crisis in modern physics.  This will be the 18th annual meeting of the Natural Philosophy Alliance, which is composed of retired physicists, engineers, and other independent thinkers who are not financially dependent on mainstream physics.  Most simply cannot stomach claims that the universe exploded out of nothing, that there are more than three dimensions, that time dilates, and that we should believe much of the other nonsense promulgated by Einstein and his academic cohorts.  Speakers range from the usual positivists and solipsists to a few univironmental determinists.  There is little censorship of ideas, so everyone gets a chance to propose alternatives for getting out of what I call “Regressive Physics.”  The NPA presents a smorgasbord of the philosophy of science.  There is no party line, although about 80% of the members assume that there must be an ether.  The quality of the papers varies from totally confusing to absolutely brilliant.  This year, Steve Bryant and I are trying for the latter category with the following:

Einstein’s Most Important Philosophical Error

Failure of the Relativistic Hypercone

The Twin Paradox: Why it is Required by Relativity

The links go to the full versions of the papers.  The first paper has less mathematics than the last two.  If you don't know what time is after that one, then you didn't spend enough time on it.  In the second one, we (mostly Steve) show how Einstein incorrectly substituted length for time in one of his derivations.  After the 3rd paper, no one will have any excuse for taking the "Twin Paradox" seriously again.  All promote PSI’s campaign to consider time as motion. 

Details on the meeting are at: http://conf18.worldnpa.org/

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