Absurd Spacetime Concept Leads To Wasting Scientific Resources

Blog 20151209 Absurd Spacetime Concept Leads To Wasting Scientific Resources

By George Coyne


Not only do regressive physicists maintain that it is impossible for the universe to exist, they also are convinced that quantum particles “can exist simultaneously in two or more places.” How incredibly weird is that? Does this make any logical or rational sense to anyone other than true believers of the standard QM Copenhagen model? To me it seems profoundly unscientific. These physicists try to deflect any attention from the absurdity of their belief systems by confidently claiming that the universe is very weird. Does anyone think that they would try the same tactic in a court of law if charged with a crime that they had committed? Would they tell the jury that they accepted that their alibi was completely implausible and totally impossible, but nevertheless it is valid and should be believed? Would they argue that it is just due to the nature of the universe that makes it seem that they are guilty when in reality they are innocent? They would only try such a tactic if they were attempting to make a case for an insanity plea.

As a result of the misguided belief in spacetime, there arises the concept of gravity waves which have never been detected despite a great deal of wasted resources in this search. The erroneous claim on March 17, 2014 by astronomers at the Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics that "they had detected and produced the first direct image of gravitational waves across the primordial sky" was later disproved. By January 30, 2015 a news item in Nature stated "Gravitational waves discovery now officially dead."

On the night of December 2, 2015 the European Space agency launched LISA on a mission to make test measurements for a method that will be employed to detect “gravitational waves.” These waves, according to Einstein's predictions, are “ripples in spacetime.” But since spacetime is only imaginary, it does not actually exist, and thus it cannot have ripples.

Glenn Borchardt's neomechanical explanation of gravity as being "produced by variations in aether pressure” is logical and rational. It has the great advantage over the relativity model in that it does not require the irrational concept of spacetime and is consistent with Newton's classical mechanics.


Luis Cayetano said...

"As a result of the misguided belief in spacetime, there arises the concept of gravity waves which have never been detected despite a great deal of wasted resources in this search."

The LIGO project now claims to have evidence of these waves: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/02/160211103935.htm

Saying that these waves "have never been detected" seems to be a Red Herring given that we never had instruments with the sensitivity of LIGO's. What's an allowable time frame with which to judge that a search is futile, anyway? These are simply emotional preferences and are completely arbitrary. Aether -1 particles will likely "never be detected", but that doesn't mean they aren't there and that we can't theorize about them. For them the timeframe isn't 100 years (the time since Einstein predicted gravitational waves) but forever into the future.

Granted, of course, whatever LIGO found was not a "ripple in space-time", but a ripple in a physical medium composed of matter which is being misinterpreted as an "immaterial field" by mathemagician scientists.

George Coyne said...

Thanks Luis for your comments .They are appreciated. I agree that just because a phenomenon has not been detected does not prove it does not exist or occur. The primary idea I was seeking to convey was
that the concept of spacetime is absurd. Although the example of the search for gravittaional waves was not a good one, I stand by my contention that the concept of spacetime is invalid, and as spacetime is supposedly without any substance it is incapable of being a medium for gravitational waves. This does not mean the waves do not exist, just that they can not travel without a medium. Thus although the LIGO detected these waves, it did not detect ripples in space time because that is a ridiculous proposition, as is the idea that waves can be propagated in a vacuum (space).The simplest, most reasonable,non contradictory,non paradoxical explanation for what enables gravitational waves (and light waves) to travel is the aether hypotheses in which aether is the medium of transmission. The indoctrination of physicists in the spacetime theory has resulted in their disinterest and even disdain for models involving universal aether as a medium for propagating waves. In addition to predicting gravitational waves Einstein stated in 1920 "There is a weighty reason in favor of ether. To deny ether is to ultimately assume that empty space has no physical qualities whatever." Einstein's gravitational waves prediction does not make his theory of space time correct. It seems more rational that these waves are occurring in a medium such as aether than in no medium (spacetime). LIGO's discovery supports Glenn's Neomechanical Gravitaton Theory “which relies on pressure differences, which is what waves amount to.” (Borchardt)

Glenn Borchardt said...

Luis and George:

Thanks guys for the great comments and the clarification. Next Wednesday's Blog will celebrate the DEATH OF ATTRACTION and the replacement of curved spacetime gravity by the Neomechanical Gravitation Theory.

Arus said...

Hi Glenn,

Love the blogs and will get your books for sure. Stumbled across the site when I had the same thought (Time IS motion) after struggling for most of my adult life with many of the Einsteinian paradoxes.

I commented elsewhere but this seems more appropriate place.

Can you provide more detailed speculation on what is actually being detected here and how it is playing out? I am struggling a bit with the detection of these so called waves. If we have only matter and motion......and ether particles are displaced by baryonic matter....are the waves just that? waves in the ether caused by a large combination of baryonic matter?


Glenn Borchardt said...

Arus: Thanks so much for your comment. Glad you like the website. You pretty much have the right analysis of the LIGO result. I will answer your question in PSI Blog 20170614 “Gravitational waves” once again confirm the presence of aether.

Bligh said...

Arus. You cannot learn about waves from the particle point of view. You need to learn about oscillation theory. From the originator of the concept. ME!