New Support for Universal Cycle Theory

From Steve Puetz:

I thought you would be interested in the following links recently forwarded to me from two different reviewers of Universal Cycle Theory.  Both links are new types of evidence, supportive of the infinite hierarchical model of neomechanics.

1) The first spiral star ever detected by astronomers:

2) A NASA space telescope named "GALEX" has found stars forming in extreme galactic environments, places where researchers thought stars should not be.  The finding could affect astronomy much as the discovery of microbial extremophiles affected biology in the 1970s.

A video version of this story is available at

The astronomers were surprised by the star formation because these regions were considered to be "empty space." Of course, in neomechanics, interconnection (All things are interconnected, that is, between any two objects exist other objects that transmit matter and motion) means there is no empty space -- and collisions that produce vortices can develop anywhere in the universe.  Hence, stars can form anywhere -- as long as the vortex has sufficient mass.  It does not matter if the gas-cloud consists of atoms, aether-1, or aether-2.  The only requirement is that the mass of the vortex is roughly the same as a stellar vortex.

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