Higgs Boson Nominated Time’s “Person of the Year” [Egads!]

Thanks to Jerry Coyne for the heads-up on this one. Being in lock step with regressive physics, the popular press gets more ridiculous by the minute:

Just in case you really want to vote against this bit of democratic BS, here is the link:

Maybe the author, Jeffrey Kluger, should review my paper on “The Physical Meaning of E=mc2”. It’s not that complicated, and he might actually learn something. You will remember that energy is defined as a calculation. Energy neither exists, nor occurs. There is no such thing as “inchoate energy”—only inchoate ideas about what energy is. The first and second sentences of Jeffrey’s paragraph amount to a gross violation of the Fourth Assumption of Science, inseparability (Just as there is no motion without matter, so there is no matter without motion). Of course, he might be excused, what with all the talk by regressive physicists about “dark energy” and “dark matter” as though they were indeed separate “things.” The most that a logical person could do would be to entertain the idea that “dark energy” is a calculation involving the motion of “dark matter.”

Sometimes, the Higgs is said to be the “god particle” or the most fundamental particle. Even here we see the admission that the Higgs is no such thing, if it indeed decays into four muons. I guess it is really not “The Particle at the End of the Universe” as claimed by cosmogonist Sean Carroll. Even Steven Colbert seems dubious about Carroll’s mainstream claim that empty space is filled with “energy.” Oh well, I guess that the idea that the Higgs forms a kind of “molasses” in empty space to give particles mass is more than a non sequitur. It gives aether deniers a chance to save face. It also works with the silly idea that particles creating waves in the macrocosm provide support for wave-particle duality, as I showed here.

BTW: As with a lot of mainstream woo-woo press, this one claims once again that Einstein was right. Jeffrey says that the Higgs Boson “finally fully confirmed Einstein's general theory of relativity.” Egads again! The Higgs has nothing whatsoever to do with GRT. At best, it might support the indeterministic interpretation of SRT, with its imagined conversion of pure energy into matter. Also note that the redundant “finally” and “fully” are darlings of classical mechanics and its assumption of finity. Even the mainstream now realizes that theories are never confirmed. At best, they can only be supported [because of causality (All effects have an infinite number of material causes)]. 

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