Wave-Particle Duality is Really Just Particles Making Waves in Aether

As aether deniers, quantum physicists have had to invent the wave-particle duality paradox to save their souls. In progressive physics, however, we view those particles as being microcosms immersed in a macrocosm that necessarily contains an infinite sea of still smaller particles (aether). My previous posts on the wave-particle duality nonsense were here and here. Now comes a fantastic video demonstrating exactly how silicon particles make waves (Thanks to Joel Morrison for the heads-up):

I guess we could say: Duh?! Our ship at sea analogy does the same thing. Particles are particles, no matter how small they are. Like all other things, quantum particles take up xyz space, influencing the macrocosm in which they exist. Morgan Freeman’s conclusion is messed up. He still thinks that there is wave-particle duality even though the particles before his eyes are distinctly separate from the waves they produce. This is completely different from Einstein's supposed "wave packets" he called photons. Those waves were within the photon, not outside of it. They traveled through completely empty space. This became particularly silly when the associated wave lengths of the electromagnetic radiation were in the meter to kilometer range. At least Morgan got one thing right: reality exists.


Glenn Borchardt said...

Hi Glenn:
When I saw this video and its “metaphor for a quantum process a la de Broglie.” as Basil Hiley accurately refers to it, I was pleased to see how Bohm's ideas were being supported in a macro world context. It also supports your contention of there being no “wave particle” duality: “ Any particle traveling through the macrocosm must produce waves...” I share your understanding that “light is not matter...” I also concur that light “is the motion of particles...”. Our only difference is in what the particles are. You say they are photons. But photons can not be particles because they have no invariant mass. By definition matter always has mass. Based on this logic there are no “photons” as particles but rather the word refers to energy “the multiplication of a term for matter times a term for motion” (Borchardt). Perhaps we have not yet correctly identified the particle involved in this process.

[George: Another great comment. I agree that the conventional definition of the photon as a massless particle is totally bogus. However, a lot of the data attributed to photons can just as well be attributed to aether particles, which do have mass (like any microcosm). The difference is this: photons are supposed to travel from galaxy to eyeball, while aether particles are simply the medium through which the wave motion of light travels.]

George Coyne said...

Hi Glenn:

It appears we are in agreement that the particle which is the actual medium for the wave is composed of aether particles. As you realize these particles themselves do not travel from the source to the destination as is supposed to happen with mythical “photons”. Because no material can travel at that speed, the standard theory requires the “photon” to not have any mass which is a ridiculous and contradictory idea. In my view, as there is no photon or any other light-associated particle moving through space,the 299,792,458 meters per second attributed to the “photon” is actually the speed at which the aether creates waves, although even this is not constant throughout the universe. As you point out “As distance increase the velocity of light increases.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTg04QE2qQw

The conventional view about the propagation of waves including light is stated in Wikipedia: “ For electromagnetic waves, propagation may occur in a vacuum as well as in a material medium. Other wave types cannot propagate through a vacuum and need a transmission medium to exist.”
Surely no intelligent person over five years of age would believe that a so called “photon” particle that doesn't actually exist since there is no mass can somehow generate waves in a vacuum which by definition has no medium to “wave”. This is not just the funniest idea I have ever encountered, it is the funniest statement I've ever seen or heard. (I used to think the Monty Python film “The Life of Brian” was quite funny, but this picture is funnier by many magnitudes. Einstein may have been incorrect on many things, but he was right when he said “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” Concepts in relativity physics, such as photons traveling through a vacuum of curved space-time at a constant speed, energy as a thing etc, are not helpful ideas in creating a coherent scientific paradigm of the cosmos. The standard Copenhagen model in QM has so many impossible concepts such as a cat that is simultaneously dead and alive until observed etc that even its supporters such as Feynman states: “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.” For decades physicists have been trying to unify these two confused paradigms into one grand theory. Thankfully it can never really be achieved The silly falsified Big Bang model appears to have been transplanted from religion and is not science. Those in powerful positions in the physics/cosmology community who adhere to these primitive models filled with contradictions are our modern day Emperors. You are clearly showing that the Emperors have no clothes. Well done my friend!