Indeterministic Hysteria and the End of the World

Oh, I almost forgot, the world is supposed to end tomorrow...

Anyway, I love making predictions, especially the ones having a 100% chance of success. Just as I will not grow feathers and fly out the window, Earth will continue on its merry way after the latest indeterministic hysteria slowly subsides on Friday. You would think folks eventually would become inured with such silly prognostications. I guess there is a lot of truth to the old adage that “There is a sucker born every minute.” We must learn determinism through experience. Thus the reservoir of indeterminism and its associated ignorance is endless. The answer, of course, is education. Mere repression of indeterminism is insufficient, as the Chinese are finding out:

Here is an “ark” built with the life savings of a Chinese fellow about as far from the ocean as you can get:

And here is a weather forecast also going around the Internet:

Here are some predictions on when the world will end:

Mayan Calendar Procrastination: Friday
Christians: Any day now
Scientists: About 4.5 billion years

Have a happy “Fry” day!

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