The motion of microcosms within macrocosms

Blog 20150805 by George Coyne

[GB: Some of my readers have become rather astute about what univironmental determinism is all about. Below is a guest Blog written by George Coyne, who previously provided some excellent comments about time as motion and wave-particle dualism. After all the work that goes into writing books and Blogs, it is tremendously gratifying to hear from folks who “really get” my use of the words “microcosm” and “macrocosm.” ]

The motion of microcosms within macrocosms

Matter is a word that refers to everything in existence, but there is no such thing as “matter” in itself just as there is no such thing as vegetables, only types of vegetables such as a carrot. There is no limit to existence. This infinite existence has microcosms within a larger macrocosm that is a microcosm within a larger macrocosm. This pattern continues without end or limit. Even the word “infinite” does not adequately convey this because all words are only useful in referring to that which is finite. In my view a human brain does not have the capacity to understand that which is not finite. Although the brain is limited in its ability to fully comprehend this, as part of the infinity it can be in tune with this.

Rather than saying that matter is composed of matter, it adds more clarity to state that when we identify something as a microcosm it consists of many submicrocosms; when we identify something as a macrocosm it consists of many supermicrocosms.

In order to exist, a microcosm needs to be in motion. It is impossible to have a motionless microcosm just as it would be impossible to have a stationary runner. Motion is an occurrence, it is not at “thing” that exists. As time is motion, it occurs rather than exists.

Terms such as “momentum” and “force” are best understood as descriptions of the motion in microcosms and their motion in relation to their macrocosm. The word to refer to the mathematical calculation of a microcosm in motion is “energy.” Realizing that calculations do not exist or occur, facilitates a better understanding of energy. To use a running tiger as an example may help to clarify the point. A tiger exists and its rapid movement when it occurs can be termed “running.” This running motion can be described in physics with a calculation that is known as “energy.” Thus energy as a descriptive term is always used to refer to the result of performing a calculation involving the motion of a microcosm.

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