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Blog 20150923 Reviewers for New Book Wanted

I am currently wrapping up progress on a new book, “Infinite Universe Theory,” addressed to a general audience that might be willing to leave the regressive aspects of today’s physics and cosmology behind. To that end, I would like to get prepublication reviews from as many sceptical folks as possible. For a chance at your free copy of the review manuscript, just send me an email at gborchardt@gmail.com. There is a limit, of course, on how many reviews I can handle, so I cannot guarantee that you will be chosen as a reviewer. I would like to have comments from all walks of life. If your critique is useful, you will receive an acknowledgement in the frontispiece and/or a free copy of the final product.

There have been hundreds of books and papers critical of the Big Bang Theory and relativity, but this one will be different. First, it is written with the realization that the strange ideas promulgated in modern physics and cosmology are founded, not on mathematics, but on philosophy. Second, Infinite Universe Theory presents only a few of the major contradictions that plague the Big Bang Theory, being mostly concerned instead with the nature of its replacement.

The paradigm shift being asked for will be the most dramatic that humanity will ever experience. It requires an equally dramatic change in fundamental assumptions and their application. I have been writing about the necessity for this shift for over 30 years.[1] Much of this is quite technical, and it looks like I need to do a better job of explaining it to a wider audience. That is where you come in. Anyone with a college education or the curiosity to know more about the universe and the scientific worldview necessary for understanding it should be able to critique my presentation. To that effect you may be eligible if you agree with many of the “Neomechanical Possibilities” in Blog 20150916. The objective of the Infinite Universe Theory is to get you to accept even the most startling possibilities, or at least understand the logic behind them. If you are specially hesitant, just search this Blog or the Progressive Science Institute website for more details. In any case, consider reviewing the book and getting your free copy. Just email me at: gborchardt@gmail.com with “IUT” in the subject line. After reading the  book you will appreciate why the answers in that Blog are what they are. If not, I would love to hear what I need to do to clarify the issues involved.

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