Disruptive-Rewriting the rules of physics

Blog 20160113 Disruptive-Rewriting the rules of physics

I am proud to announce the eminent publication of a new book by my good friend Steve Bryant. I reviewed the first half and found it excellent. I will do a complete review later.

Here is the description of the book at Amazon:

Once in a lifetime we might witness a scientific event so rare and revolutionary that it changes our lives forever. Imagine awakening on the day in history when we learned that the Earth is round, not flat; or awakening on the day we learned that the planets orbit the Sun, not the Earth. Now, imagine awakening tomorrow to learn that Einstein's theory of relativity is wrong!

Demonstrating that Einstein’s theory is wrong is a tall order. Undaunted, author Steven B. Bryant doesn’t simply prove relativity wrong, he shows that relativity theory was never correct in the first place. Unencumbered by relativity, Bryant introduces Modern Mechanics, his new unified theory that is easy to understand and more accurate than Einstein’s theory of relativity. In Disruptive, you’ll learn:

·         Where Einstein makes several mistakes that invalidate relativity theory and why these mistakes were not previously found.

·         Why Modern Mechanics is a unified model that is more accurate than relativity theory.

·         How Einstein’s theory can be wrong and still provide useful – but no longer the most accurate – answers.

·         How Modern Mechanics is one theory that explains experiments that previously required three: classical mechanics, relativity theory, and quantum mechanics.

·         How Modern Mechanics supports faster–than–light travel and communication.
Disruptive is a thought–provoking book that will fundamentally transform our understanding of physics, forever changing the way we view space and time.”

Amazon says that the book is the #1 best seller in its list of 30 Hot New Releases in Physics of Mechanics and it hasn’t even been released yet!

The release date is January 26, but you can preorder at:

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George Coyne said...

Having been greatly impressed with a 32 page preview of this book I eagerly await receiving my copy that Steven is kindly sending to me. If the rest of the book is as good as these pages then I would confidently say that it is a massively significant contribution to an understanding of physics which is defined by Steven Bryant as "the study of why, how, and what happens when things move".

"Disruptive- Rewriting the rules of physics" is highly readable and presented in a way that will be easy to comprehend even by those without a physics background. Anyone interested in learning about a coherent model of the universe that is not plagued by the paradoxes and contradictions found in relativity physics and the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics will be delighted by this important book.

Many thanks to Steven for writing this book on Modern Mechanics.