Interconnection and the BOSS Great Wall

Blog 20160629 Interconnection and the BOSS Great Wall

Thanks to George Coyne for the heads up on the BOSS Great Wall, which is the largest microcosm so far discovered. Credit: Volker Springel/Max Planck Institute For Astrophysics/SPL

This vast galaxy supercluster consists of over 830 galaxies and is a billion light years across. It supposedly has a mass 10,000 times that of our Milky Way galaxy. That would mean, of course, that each of the constituent galaxies is about 12 times larger than the Milky Way or that most of the matter in the Great Wall is nonluminous.

As George says, the Great Wall is the largest structure in support of the Tenth Assumption of Science, interconnection (All things are interconnected, that is, between any two objects exist other objects that transmit matter and motion). The Great Wall illustrates well an important characteristic of the infinite universe: what you can see (matter) and what you cannot (space). Of course, what we call matter also has space and what we call space also has matter. With the Eighth Assumption of Science, infinity (The universe is infinite, both in the microcosmic and macrocosmic directions), we assume that this relation holds at all scales from the infinitely small to the infinitely large.

Here is the full article, which surprisingly does not contain the usual propaganda pushing the Big Bang Theory:

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