Steve Patterson on “It Doesn't Take a Genius to Challenge Orthodoxy”

PSI Blog 20170621 Steve Patterson on “It Doesn't Take a Genius to Challenge Orthodoxy”

Thanks be to Rick who gave us the heads-up on this great 9-minute video by young philosopher Steve Patterson, who is “creating a rational worldview.” It is especially apropos to this Blog site and for anyone who is concerned about all the nonsense that goes for physics and cosmology these days:

Although it is mostly about the low regard that academics have for anyone questioning their ideas. I especially liked his statement that:

“I think the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics is laughably nonsensical, embarrassing, and stupid.”

Right on Steve! I also saw his video on the Tai Chi master who was defeated summarily by a nonmaster who had to go into hiding for being so “disrespectful.” I subscribed to his YouTube channel and took him up on the Patreon support. 

BTW: Patreon lets you use PayPal to provide as little as $1 per month to outstanding artists and writers. This could be an excellent way for dissidents to get financial support from those who have not fallen for regressive physics and cosmogony.

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Bligh said...

For all of Einsteins faults, he didn't fall for that one.

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