Infinite Universe Theory-Table of Contents

PSI Blog 20171220 Infinite Universe Theory-Table of Contents

As mentioned last week, "Infinite Universe Theory" will be released as a color eBook on December 25. You can preorder for $9.99 at http://go.glennborchardt.com/IUTebook

Here is the Table of Contents:

List of Tables
List of Figures
Part I: What is wrong with the Big Bang Theory?
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Galaxies in Collision
Chapter 3
Galaxy Clusters in Collision
Chapter 4
Elderly Galaxies at the Edge of the Universe
Chapter 5
Elderly Galaxy Clusters at the Edge of the Universe
Chapter 6
Solipsism and Perception
Chapter 7
Einstein’s “Untired Light Theory”
Chapter 8
Space-time Salvation
Part II: Infinite Universe Theory
Chapter 9
The Ten Assumptions of Science
Chapter 10
Progressive Physics
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Univironmental Analysis
Part III: Questions resolved by Infinite Universe Theory
Chapter 13
Scientific Philosophy
13.1 Does curiosity portend Infinite Universe Theory?
13.2 Does calculus portend Infinite Universe Theory?
13.3 Does univironmental determinism presage Infinite Universe Theory?
13.4 What is a BS meter and why do you need one?
13.5 Does Infinite Universe Theory resolve the “Who Created God” question?
Chapter 14
Regressive Misconceptions
14.1 Did MMX prove that aether did not exist?
14.2 Is the speed of light constant?
14.3 Does energy have mass?
14.4 Does “dark energy” exist?
14.5 Does the “god particle” exist?
14.6 Is string theory valid?
14.7 Does space-time exist?
14.8 Is matter a result of quantum fluctuations?
14.9 Does the double-slit experiment prove light is both a wave and a particle?
14.10 Does Infinite Universe Theory mean everything is possible?
14.11 Is the “Twin Paradox” Resolvable without Relativity?
Chapter 15
Tests of Relativity
15.1 Did the Sagnac Experiment prove the existence of aether? (1913)
15.2 Did de Sitter prove aether exists? (1913)
15.3 Did Eddington prove space was curved? (1919)
15.4 Did Eddington prove light is affected by gravitation? (1919)
15.5 Does the gravitational redshift confirm relativity? (1960)
15.6 Did the clocks flown around Earth confirm relativity? (1972)
15.7 Did LIGO prove there are gravitational waves? (2016)
Chapter 16
Progressive Physics
16.1 Why can there be no matter without motion?
16.2 What is aether?
16.3 What causes gravitation?
16.4 Where does matter come from?
16.5 What is the cause of charge?
16.6 What is the cause of magnetism?
16.7 Why do satellites stay in orbit?
16.8 Why is there so much spookiness in quantum mechanics?
16.9 Why does matter prevent the transmission of certain aether waves?
16.10 Why would a finite particle be impossible?
16.11 Does dark matter exist?
16.12 Is matter lost during atomic fission?
Chapter 17
17.1 Is the universe expanding?
17.2 Can the Doppler Effect occur without a medium?
17.3 What causes the cosmological redshift?
17.4 Are there galaxies more than 13.8 billion years old?
17.5 What causes the Shapiro Effect?
17.6 Will the universe suffer “heat death”?
17.7 Why is a finite universe impossible?
Part IV: Conclusions
Chapter 18
18.1 Predictions of Infinite Universe Theory
18.2 Paradigmatic Persistence and Requiem for the Big Bang Theory

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