The Big Bang Never Happened

Randall Meyer's excellent documentary "Universe: The Cosmology Quest" is now available on YouTube:



It presents many arguments against the BBT by cosmologists who refuse to believe such nonsence. Among those featured are:

Sir Fred Hoyle - Cosmologist
Dr. Halton C. Arp – Cosmologist
Dr. Geoffrey Burbidge – Cosmologist
Dr. Margaret Burbidge – Astronomer
Kary Mullis – Nobel laureate
Dr. Jayant Narlikar – Cosmologist
Martin Lopez-Corredoira – Astronomer
John Dobson – Telescope designer / philosopher
Jack Sulentic – Astronomer

Among the most telling and revealing is the fact that the BBT predicted that the Microwave Background Radiation would be 50 degrees K, while many non-believers much earlier had predicted that it would be 2-5 degrees K. The actual measurements showed it to be 2.7 degrees K.

My comments: Einstein's "empty space," would have been 0 degrees K. Temperature is a measurement of the motion of matter, so any temperature at all is an indication that matter exists in intergalactic space. This is essentially proof that the ether exists. The BBT folks, however, used it for their own ends, proclaiming that it was a confirmation of the BBT in spite of their getting the temperature wrong by a factor of 19.

In the video, Halton Arp relates how his finding of evidence for non-Doppler produced red shifts opposing the BBT resulted in his loss of viewing time at Palomar and his position at Carnegie. As documented throughout the presentation, this type of persecution is commonplace when a particular paradigm achieves great power. This video will be paramount in documenting the rise and fall of the BBT.

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dehilster said...

I second that this is great stuff. I have the entire DVD set and know Randall Meyers for a number of years. It won't win an Oscar but never-the-less has very good information.