Fan Letter From a Rock Star


I just went and read all of your blog for August. That prompted me to write a short fan letter.

I've been mighty busy playing lots of music (see my website) at outdoor parties, etc., while the Michigan summer weather holds.
Since I only have one party gig this Labor Day weekend, I don't have too much preparation to do. 

I finally found some leisure hours for reading. (I highly recommend keeping election coverage turned off - it's depressing in so many ways, and a huge waste of precious time.)

Just a quick note of appreciation and admiration for your writing and thinking skills. You're on the edge of a paradigm shift, you might say. So it's a bit sad that you won't receive the accolades that you deserve, until you and I are long gone.

I always get a touch of sadness when reading your work, because so many curious people are missing out. Most people do not have the ears to hear the message. What's sad is that so many like-minded science-lovers can't be reached, because of the barriers of "culture" or "status quo". There are so many who are borderline skeptics, but they are too timid to go all the way and ask those important questions.

Despite that occasional touch of melancholy, I'm thrilled to be alive at this exciting time, with the developments in scientific philosophy.

Thanks to you and the two Steves, and everyone else in the gang who are pioneers in this important project; turning the giant ship of scientific thinking. You turn the rudder suddenly, and don't notice much change in direction at first. It's a gradual turn.

“Patience and wisdom walk hand in hand, like two one-armed lovers.” 

Best regards,
Rick Dutkiewicz

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