Meet Ed Mason

Dr. Mason began his association with PSI by reviewing "Universal Cycle Theory". He has a very keen mind, helping to straighten us out on some critical issues. His great interest is in the cycles reflected in geology.

He writes:

Worked in the oil and gas industry as a drilling engineer and then a geologist. Retired from that and became a golf pro. I'm interested in anything to do with science, especially things that make my head spin (but NOT roller coasters).

PhD Geology: University of South Carolina

MS Geology: Iowa State University

Ed will be in charge of the Houston office of PSI.

For the latest on no-nonsense physics and cosmology, see:

Borchardt, Glenn, 2017, Infinite Universe Theory: Berkeley, California, Progressive Science Institute, 327 p. [http://go.glennborchardt.com/IUTebook].

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