Neomechanical Gravitation Theory Video

Here is the video of the 30-minute talk I gave in Albuquerque on July 25 at the 19th Conference of the Natural Philosophy Alliance on our paper:

Borchardt, Glenn, and Puetz, S.J., 2012, Neomechanical gravitation theory ( http://www.worldsci.org/pdf/abstracts/abstracts_6529.pdf ), in Volk, Greg, Proceedings of the Natural Philosophy Alliance, 19th Conference of the NPA, 25-28 July: Albuquerque, NM, Natural Philosophy Alliance, Mt. Airy, MD, v. 9, p. 53-58.

[One correction: Although the speed of sound in air is about 700 mph, nitrogen and oxygen molecules in air travel randomly in all directions at about 1000 mph (not at 100 mph, as I misspoke in the talk).]

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