Our Gravitational Redshift Interpretation Confirmed

To Steve Puetz, my co-author on "Universal Cycle Theory: Neomechanics of the Hierarchically Infinite Universe":

Congratulations! Our gravitational redshift interpretation from the book (Puetz and Borchardt, 2011) that we summarized at NPA last year (Borchardt and Puetz, 2012) has just received confirmation from this paper:

A quote from the intro: 

"An optical approach begins by interpreting the gravitational redshift resulting to a change in the relative velocity of light due to the medium of propagation in the gravitational field. From the optical point of view it is natural to think of the effect as due to the velocity change of light in the medium of propagation. In such a thought, the redshift effect has nothing to do with relativity but rather is of a purely optical phenomenon."

Note that in this paper “Optical Approach to Gravitational Redshift,” all Korean physicist, Yong Gwan Yi, had to do was to give up aether denial.


Borchardt, Glenn, and Puetz, S.J., 2012, Neomechanical gravitation theory (http://www.worldsci.org/pdf/abstracts/abstracts_6529.pdf
 ), in Volk, G., Proceedings of the Natural Philosophy Alliance, 19th Conference of the NPA, 25-28 July: Albuquerque, NM, Natural Philosophy Alliance, Mt. Airy, MD, v. 9, p. 53-58.

Puetz, S.J., and Borchardt, Glenn, 2011, Universal cycle theory: Neomechanics of the hierarchically infinite universe: Denver, Outskirts Press ( www.universalcycletheory.com ), 626 p.

Yi, Yong Gwan, 2012, Optical Approach to Gravitational Redshift ( http://arxiv.org/pdf/physics/0006006.pdf  ): arXiv:physics/0006006v12 [physics.gen-ph] 12 Apr 2012, p. 12.


jvs said...


read your blog today and thought i would point you to an interesting article that supports your views on red shift:


john schraufnagel

Glenn Borchardt said...

Thanks John for the heads up on the non-constancy of the velocity of light. It is heartening to see that the mainstream, however reluctantly and gradually, is starting to reject its own aether denial. Instead, it will become the "vacuum of space" that will be denied. Welcome to reality.

Glenn Borchardt said...


Got a chance to check out the article:

Urban, M., Couchot, F., Sarazin, X., and Djannati-Atai, A., 2013, The quantum vacuum as the origin of the speed of light: The European Physical Journal D, v. 67, no. 3, p. 1-6.

Sorry to say, but this is still a major aether denial, with all the speculations in tune with regressive physics:


"We show that the vacuum permeability μ 0 and permittivity ε 0 may originate from the magnetization and the polarization of continuously appearing and disappearing fermion pairs. We then show that if we simply model the propagation of the photon in vacuum as a series of transient captures within these ephemeral pairs, we can derive a finite photon velocity. Requiring that this velocity is equal to the speed of light constrains our model of vacuum. Within this approach, the propagation of a photon is a statistical process at scales much larger than the Planck scale. Therefore we expect its time of flight to fluctuate. We propose an experimental test of this prediction."

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