Vortices in Media are Responsible for Charge

Astute readers will remember that, at the end of my 2009 paper, “The Physical Meaning of E=mc2http://scientificphilosophy.com/Downloads/The Physical Meaning of E=mc2.pdf, I proposed that electrons and positrons were oppositely spinning aethereal vortices analogous to dust devils in a dust storm. Steve and I later applied some of that thinking on a universal scale in our 2011 book, "Universal Cycle Theory." Of course, according to univironmental determinism, all ideas have to come from somewhere in the material world. In this case, I could vaguely remember seeing a neat apropos demonstration once at an NPA meeting. I didn’t have the reference, so couldn’t cite it. Finally, I just received this heads up from David de Hilster who has resumed contact with Ionel Dinu, the Romanian physicist who did the video:


Your experiment in the pool never left my mind.

This experiment you have on YouTube is HISTORY.

This is absolutely brilliant.  I have talked about your work for many years in admiration but you were out of touch.

This fits into neomechanics, which your work fits into perfectly.

See Glenn Borchardt and Steve Puetz:

Neomechanics is correct in my opinion and your work is PERFECT proof of this.

Great to have you back.  You are brilliant!!

Your student and friend,

-David de Hilster”

I concur with David. Thanks so much Mr. Dinu for your wonderful demo!

I remember that in chemistry and physics, we were offered little pluses and minuses signifying positive charges and negative charges, but no one could really explain what a charge was. That was because, without aether, no one in the mainstream could make any sense of it. It was as futile as it would be for Ionel to perform his experiment without the macrocosm of the water. In this case, “attraction” requires microcosms spinning in opposite directions and “repulsion” requires microcosms spinning in the same direction. In addition, there must be a macrocosm with which the spinning microcosms can interact. Ionel doesn’t say so, but that is obviously what is responsible for opposite charges.

“Charge” due to vortex rotation:

The same principle works for magnetism too, the subject of next week’s blog.

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