Freewill and Quantum Mechanics

Misguided folks in the mainstream keep looking to quantum mechanics (QM) to support their belief in freewill. Of course, all that is handled by our Second and Third Assumptions:

The Second Assumption of Science, causality (All effects have an infinite number of material causes).

The Third Assumption of Science, uncertainty (It is impossible to know everything about anything, but it is possible to know more about anything).

Logically, however, both the freewill and the QM arguments are founded on the assumption of finity. Poke a freewillist or a QM guy and you will find an infinity denier. It is interesting to see the evolution of a scientist such as Jerry Coyne, who is steadfastly and appropriately opposed to freewill, but still favors QM (empty space, 4-D, the BBT, and all the other fantasies you are supposed to believe to remain employed in the mainstream). I include the link to his blog on this topic, not for its clarity, but as an example of the struggles one gets into when you don’t have all your assumptive ducks in a row:

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