Momentum Does Not Exist


I have been studying the physics behind the gyroscope. One of the keys to the gyro seems to be its angular momentum

It is your opinion and mine that force and energy are not real. Is momentum real?

An object can have mass and velocity. It seems that only when the object interacts with another object does the effect of momentum show itself.

I would be interested in your answer.

Bob de Hilster


You are also correct about momentum. Momentum, like other matter-motion terms, is only a description or calculation of matter in motion. And, as you surmise, we cannot determine momentum without interacting with the microcosm in some way. Thus, momentum, like force and energy cannot exist or occur. What exists is the microcosm having matter and what occurs is its velocity with respect to other microcosms.

BTW: When one asks if something is real, that means the same as: Does a thing exist? Existence is a property only of microcosms (i.e., all “things”) which have xyz dimensions and location with respect to other microcosms. Therefore, in neomechanics we say, for instance, that the brain exists but that the mind does not; legs exist, but running does not.  


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