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Blog 20151104 More spooky action at a distance

Halloween never ends for Quantum Mechanics (QM). George Coyne gives this heads up on the latest foibles of aether deniers:

“Hi Glenn:

I would appreciate any comments you can make on this: "Experiment suggests that that reality doesn't exist until it is measured" http://www.gizmag.com/quantum-theory-reality-anu/37866/ As we all know, this is not new, it has always been claimed by the CI of QM. It appears that the conclusion in the title is based on faulty interpretation of the results and invalid assumptions.

The author of the article states: "But, when the atom was measured at the end of its path—before the random number was generated—it already displayed the wave or particle characteristics applied by the grating after it had completed its journey."


[GB: Thank you George for yet another example of the craziness of the usual misinterpretation of QM, this time from Australia. You are correct in implying that QM invariably leads to faulty interpretations based on the faulty assumption that aether does not exist. These popular accounts unabashedly assert their bald-faced solipsism. The author repeats the mandatory QM mantra: “In short, they have shown that reality does not actually exist until it is measured – at atomic scales, at least.”

Without aether, these guys often get cause and effect backwards. The helium particle, like the ship coming toward you, makes waves in its respective medium (aether or water). Those waves can precede the microcosm at velocities much greater than the microcosm itself. Wave velocity in aether, of course, is 300,000 km/s. The upshot is that you can measure the microcosm or the waves it makes in its respective medium. Which measurement device you choose will determine what you will detect. If my little measuring boat rocks up and down, I will declare that I was hit by a wave; if my boat is smashed into pieces by the ship, I will declare that I was hit by the ship. The ship’s properties of colliding and of making waves existed before I came along. To assert the contrary, as propagandized by the QM mantra, would be a violation of the First Assumption of Science, materialism (The external world exists after the observer does not). Aether denial is, of course, a violation of the Eighth Assumption of Science, infinity (The universe is infinite, both in the microcosmic and macrocosmic directions).”]

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Bligh said...

The Copenhagen Interpretation CI is dead. Its just that old paradigms die slowly.