Messing up the universe

PSI Blog 20171025 Messing up the universe

Professor Borchardt:

I am a layman who is interested in trying to understand the workings of the universe. I recently ordered your book the, Scientific World View, and the book that you co-authored with Stephen Puetz, Universal Cycle Theory.  I’m very much looking forward to reading them.  I have a question for you born of concern.

I have a fear of man developing a technology that will allow him to rapidly travel through the galaxy.  People are destructive and they are making this planet uninhabitable for themselves and most other animal and plant life.  If man masters space travel as he has mastered travel here on earth, he’ll rapaciously exploit all resources he finds on other planets and destroy whatever gets in his way as he has done here on earth.  So, my question is, given your view of science, is there a chance that this author has worked out a way to make my nightmares a reality?  Could what’s laid out in this presentation be made reality in the next several decades?


My answer:

Thanks for your interest in our books. Please read Ch. 13 in TSW to put your mind at ease. BTW: For every bit of destruction, we include a bit of construction. As I look about me in CA, all I see is the beauty of L. Tahoe and of SF Bay. Disaster books have always sold well (have written some myself), so that is what you are supposed to read. As Wadi wrote: "We are not living in the most dangerous time in human history, we're living in the most fear-mongering time in human history” (p. 43 of http://thescientificworldview.blogspot.com/2017/05/instill-and-enforce-loyalty.html). In other words: Be frightened, very frightened and then pay me money.

As for the outer space scenario, we have already done some destruction (space garbage) and construction (GPS for all). Nothing new about that. As always, we have to clean up the bad and sponsor the good.

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