Regressives all set to bend time!

PSI Blog 20180110 Regressives all set to bend time!

Here is a heads-up from Jessie, who says: “It simply boggles the mind the stupidity they put into print and money and intellect going down this dead end journey down the Einsteinian rabbit hole. How much insanity can they take before they take stock and change course?:

Well said Jessie. This stems from Einstein’s objectification of motion.[1] It all fits with our claim that a regressive physicist, by definition, does not know what time is. Time is motion[2] and cannot be bent. Only things can be bent. The imagined perfectly empty space would have no properties and could not be bent. The imagined space-time could not be bent either. This fantasy is where the much ballyhooed “wormholes” come from. Egads! This is what it takes to get into CERN?

[1] Borchardt, Glenn, 2011, Einstein's most important philosophical error, in Volk, Greg, Proceedings of the Natural Philosophy Alliance, 18th Conference of the NPA, 6-9 July, 2011: College Park, MD, Natural Philosophy Alliance, Mt. Airy, MD, v. 8, p. 64-68 [ http://doi.org/10.13140/RG.2.1.3436.0407 ].

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