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PSI Blog 20180131 Borchardt video interview

Here is a repeat of a neat 30-minute video of an interview I did with Tom Palmer of the Sane Society in Berkeley. It was done 5 years ago, but in reviewing it again, I was struck by his interest in Infinite Universe Theory. My story has not changed much since then except for one item. See if you can find it. The prize will be a free copy of my new book, Infinite Universe Theory, which you could give to a friend.


Bligh said...

3 candidates for a free book.
1) The SOL depended on the distance away from other objects (closer to the aether) Now the SOL is continually changed depending on the environment?
2)Einstein had no aether, but now you have added his own corrections to that view?
3)H-K didn't prove anything, but now you say it proves an aether does exist.
Send me my free copy. :)

Glenn Borchardt said...

You got a free book!
#3 is correct. I previously believed Kelley (2000), but now I believe the H-K (1972) SRT results were due to Doppler Shifts (see IUT). The GRT effects, which vary with altitude, are valid, being misnamed as "gravitational redshifts," as explained in IUT.

#1 is a generalization. Like all microcosms in the universe, the properties of a medium vary from place to place.
#2 referred to Einstein's ignored recantation after 1920. His was just a mention, with no real development of aether theory.