Print copies of “Infinite Universe Theory” now available!

PSI Blog 20181121 Print copies of “Infinite Universe Theory” now available!

Finally, IUT is available in paperback. You have a choice of black and white ($19.95) or color ($49.95). Purchasers of either of these can get a copy of the e-Book for $2.99. 

If you are on a tight budget, you can get the black and white version. You can see the color versions of the photos in the e-Book and use the links to check out the definitions and to visit my links to important web pages. 

Of course, the color version of the paperback is wonderful. Not many of those will be printed, so I suspect it will become a collector’s item.

All three versions are at:


Mitch said...

Nice! I was hoping this would also come out in print.

Unknown said...

Hi, I would like to buy a color copy but it seems it's not available. I can only see paper version for $19.95?

Bligh said...

Glenn, it more than a theory. It is logically impossible for it not to be infinite.