Defending the Big Bang paradigm by name calling

PSI Blog 20190227 Defending the Big Bang paradigm by name calling

Readers are familiar with the durable marriage between the Big Bang Theory and relativity. Without Einstein’s massless light particle and its perpetual motion the universal expansion interpretation and the BBT would be toast. Anyone who objects to the absurdity must be denigrated and any suggestions for change must be rejected out of hand.

In what eventually will be a classical opinion piece, the editor of Physics Today, published by the American Physical Society, summed up the situation:

The editor mentions letters from those “who believe they’ve arrived at some startling new insight heretofore unknown to the professional physics community, often about how the work of Albert Einstein was all wrong.”

And goes on to restate a familiar defense of the great man:

“If some error were to come to light in, say, the theory of general relativity, the discovery would almost certainly be based on a similarly sophisticated level of understanding. The theory has withstood all the tests experimenters have thrown at it. What’s more, every measurement by GPS device requires a general relativistic correction to account for the slightly different speeds of clocks on satellites and on Earth’s surface. If it somehow turned out that the theory was nevertheless flawed, and the accuracy of GPS was all just a coincidence, that would be a big deal.”

Astute readers know that much of relativity (except for the E=mc2 equation borrowed from Maxwell) involves Einsteinisms (predictions right for the wrong reasons). GPS does not use General Relativity Theory.[1] It does require a correction for altitude. In Aether Deceleration Theory I explain the altitude effect as a result of increasing aether pressure and decreasing aether density with distance from Earth.[2] Like the atmosphere, entrained, decelerated aether forms a halo around Earth. This is the physical reason for what is claimed to be curved empty space in relativity. Not only is the increase in aether pressure responsible for gravitation, but it also causes clocks to run faster.[3] Again, in General Relativity Theory, these effects were claimed by Einstein to be a result of curved empty space and time dilation. Because light velocity is a function of aetherial pressure, the waves from any source are stretched out slightly. Each detection of the resulting so-called “gravitational redshift” is claimed as a confirmation of relativity and the magical “space-time curvature” and “time dilation.” Einstein was right—but for the wrong reason.

Readers also know there are over 9,000 dissidents opposed to various claims of relativity and its birthright, the Big Bang Theory.[4] I know of no other discipline having such great opposition from so many angles. True, most of the suggested reforms are no better than relativity itself. It would be overwhelming for the editor of a news magazine like Physics Today to choose among them. It is much easier to assume “Einstein is always right.” Any mention of him in a less than favorable light gets the circular file.

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George Coyne said...

Another great blog on the absurdities in orthodox physics and cosmology.
David de Hilster, scientist and president of the Chappell Natural Philosophy Society comments about this blog in an excellent video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEYNi60G2OM&feature=youtu.be&t=3. In my book Notfinity Process:Microcosms-in-Motion (available in April 2019) which highlights 50 invalidating problems with the Big Bang theory, discusses how those who determine the allocation of science funding, only direct money to those who support present consensus paradigms in physics and cosmology. Those brave scientists such as the late astronomer Halton C Arp, who still insist on pursuing the truth, endure serious sanctions from the scientific establishment, including losing their jobs. For those who do not already know, Arp was a great admirer of Borchardt’s work.
Also in the May 1, 2019 issue of a new science magazine at www.sciencewoke.org I write about the Big Bang in an article titled “Big Problem with the Big Bang theory,” which discusses the fact that the best “evidence” for the Big Bang theory is the cosmic microwave background, which does not actually require the Big Bang hypothesis of a photon-decoupling period.