Kaku fails as newly anointed science evangelist

PSI Blog 20190724 Kaku fails as newly anointed science evangelist

Jerry Coyne is one of the best educators in the evolution-creation battle. In his latest blog, Jerry manages to trash Michio Kaku on his overt pandering to religion.

Well-read folks will remember Kaku for his nutty pronouncements about cosmogony and the paradoxes common to regressive physics. At least, previous evangelists such as Einstein, Hawking, and de Grass admitted to being atheists. Kaku drags out Galileo’s religion as a sort of proof of things that cannot be proven. But Galileo was under lethal pressure and living in a less enlightened period. On the other hand, Kaku’s stance on the currently religious-flavored cosmology should put him in good stead with media junkies looking for “scientific” salvation.

Here is the link to Coyne’s blog. It is worth the read:


Andy said...

Clearly Jerry is taking Kaku's words out of context. Kaku was merely demonstrating his proficiency in "Theatrical Physics". It's sort of like theoretical physicy stuff, religiony stuff, and pop-culturey stuff, all rolled into one simple branch of science. I believe it's also laying a solid foundation for the eventual publication of the most anticipated theory ever, "The Theory of Anything". This theory has a little of everything for everyone. It's built on the foundation of compromise, for a happier and more unified universe.

Glenn Borchardt said...

Good one Andy!