Big Bang Theory wastes tax dollars on the search for nonexistent “Dark Energy”

PSI Blog 20190911 Big Bang Theory wastes tax dollars on the search for nonexistent “Dark Energy”

The atom interferometer. Credit: Imperial College London

“Dark Energy” supposedly drives the universal expansion assumed in the Big Bang Theory. Only one problem for researchers looking for this particular Big Bang ghost: “energy” does not exist. Energy is a calculation; energy neither exists nor occurs. Energy is a matter-motion term we use to describe matter and motion. The E=mc2 calculation requires a material carrier for it to be valid. If m=0, then E=0. That is why matterless motion is impossible and energy cannot exist. What does exist is the material carrier and what does occur is its motion. But there is no material carrier for Dark Energy. It is not the well-established “Dark Matter,” which is the decelerated aether that surrounds all baryonic matter as a result of gravitation.[1]

Failing to find a particle for their phony Dark Energy, regressives now hypothesize an equally mysterious “Fifth Force.” This they mistreat in the same way as “energy.” Force gets to be some magical matterless ghost pushing things around. Those pushes require a material pusher. They will never find that either because the universe is not expanding (unless you believed in Einstein’s matterless particles with perpetual motion).

Despite all the public money wasted on the search for nonexistent Dark Energy, the whole brouhaha serves as a great example of the importance of proper theory. It is only the tip of the monetary iceberg engendered by the ridiculous Big Bang Theory and its genuflecting to the religious idea the universe had a beginning. It is time we put a stop to it.

[1] Borchardt, Glenn, 2018, The Physical Cause of Gravitation: viXra:1806.0165.

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