Negative Results in Search for Dark Matter Consistent with Infinite Universe Theory

PSI Blog 20191120 Negative Results in Search for Dark Matter Consistent with Infinite Universe Theory

Guest Blog by Pierre Berrigan:

Hello, Glenn!

Here is something that you will most certainly find interesting:

In an article published this 25th of October in Science Advances (https://advances.sciencemag.org/content/5/10/eaax4539), Garcon et al report the negative result of the latest search for dark matter. Garcon used ultra-low field nuclear magnetic resonance to probe the hypothetical dark matter halo that surrounds galaxies.

The experiment would have detected the presence of dark matter bosons with masses 7.8x10e-14 eV or above. The fact that none was observed sets an experimental limit to the possible mass of dark matter particles.

It is interesting to note that this value of 7.8x10e-14 eV, which converted to grams gives 0.14x10e-47, comes very close to the value of 0.98x10e-47 grams as calculated by you in IUT as the maximum value for aether particles.

[GB: Thanks so much Pierre. Nice catch. You sure know your stuff! Other readers should know I calculated that value from Planck’s constant, which implies there is a “smallest unit of motion.” I assumed anyone trying to discover that would be evaluating the collision of a single aether particle with baryonic matter. There probably are “smaller units of motion” produced by aether-2 particles but we may not be able to detect them at this time, if ever. BTW: This discrete nature of the aether is one of the reasons relativity cannot be reconciled with Quantum Mechanics. Special Relativity Theory assumes space is perfectly empty and General Relativity Theory assumes spacetime also is perfectly empty. In other words, the fields in relativity are immaterial. They are just mathematical idealizations that cannot exist in reality.

You can see where this is going. Regressive physicists eventually will have to give up their aether denial. Dark matter will remain elusive as long as Aether Deceleration Theory is ignored as the physical cause of gravitation.[1]]

[GB: BTW: Here is another article on the failure to find Dark Matter:

Why dark matter's no-show could mean a big bang rethink

We can't find any trace of cosmic dark matter – perhaps because our models of the early universe are missing a crucial piece, says astrophysicist Dan Hooper

[1] Borchardt, Glenn, 2018, The Physical Cause of Gravitation: viXra:1806.0165.

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