The Psychology of Big Bangers

PSI Blog 20191230 The Psychology of Big Bangers

Here is a wonderful essay by Rob Marchant on why absurd beliefs are still so prevalent in our society. Although he concentrates on the “flat-earth” belief, you can substitute any other seemingly illogical belief (e.g., Big Bang Theory, regressive physics, religion, politics, etc.) to get a better understanding about this common phenomenon. Rob’s wisdom comes with excellent writing to boot. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

                        Credit: NY Post

Here is Rob’s introductory paragraph (with my apropos substitution in brackets):

“[Big Bangers] have a tendency to evoke a great deal of condescension in people. Wry grins are accompanied by snorts and scoffs, all wrapped up in a feeling of unquestionable superiority. What kind of idiots could believe such a thing?”


For the latest on no-nonsense physics and cosmology, see:

Borchardt, Glenn, 2017, Infinite Universe Theory: Berkeley, California, Progressive Science Institute, 327 p. [http://go.glennborchardt.com/IUTebook].

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