Borchardt Interview on Infinity

PSI Blog 20201104 Borchardt Interview on Infinity


Looks like the Chappell Natural Philosophy Society wants to interview me on Saturday:





CNPS (https://naturalphilosophy.org/) is the organization that replaced the Natural Philosophy Alliance, which was started by Dr. John Chappell in 1994. Like the NPA, the society prides itself in airing all manner of dissident views on current theories. Like most folks, including most scientists, members of the group generally assume finity (The universe is finite in the microscopic and macroscopic directions). So, I am honored to be able to present the opposing assumption, which, as most of you know, is the foundation of Infinite Universe Theory, the obvious replacement for the Big Bang Theory.


Viewers can ask questions. The video will be recorded, so you can watch it anytime on YouTube, if you can’t make it up at 7:00 am Pacific Time.

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