New book "Religious Roots of Relativity" just released

PSI Blog 20201116 New book "Religious Roots of Relativity" just released

Many of those seeking to reform relativity and cosmogony are shocked to have their papers rejected outright by mainstream publishers. This happened three times to my paper “The physical cause of gravitation.” The thesis of that paper was rather simple: If gravitation is an acceleration, then there must be a physical accelerator. These rejections were in spite of my having had hundreds of abstracts, reports, papers, chapters, and books having gone through peer review and getting published forthwith.


The pandemic got me to think more about this. It turns out that anti-Einstein papers are rejected because they are founded on fundamental assumptions contrary to the religious suppositions upon which relativity is founded. Acceptance would be as rare as an atheist getting the chance to give a sermon in your former church.


Here is the description of the book as it appears on Amazon:

“Religious Roots of Relativity shows that, unlike other scientific theories, relativity is founded on religious assumptions. Glenn Borchardt, author of The Ten Assumptions of Science, elaborates on the opposing indeterministic assumptions to present “The Ten Assumptions of Religion” as the framework for this new book. Each fundamental religious assumption is shown to have much in common with the fundamental assumptions Einstein subconsciously used in devising Special and General Relativity Theory. One theme runs through the entire book: Einstein’s erroneous assumption that space was perfectly empty. That was critical for his popular Untired Light Theory, as it has been for popular biblical creation stories, and for popular Big Bang Theory. There is no evidence, however, for perfectly empty space; it is only an idealization akin to the dreams and imaginings of religion. It cannot possibly exist. Nonexistence, nothingness, therefore is impossible. The universe exists everywhere and for all time. Without relativity and its foundation in religion, the book predicts Big Bang Theory will be victim to the Last Cosmological Revolution: Infinite Universe Theory.


This is the book for you if you have wondered why relativity has remained lucrative and popular despite its weird paradoxes, contradictions, and interpretations. This is the book showing the intimate, necessary connection between relativity and religion, which has led to relativity’s longevity and indubitable veracity among those who still hold fast to religious assumptions.


“Wow!  I finished reading your book in one day!  I just couldn’t stop scrolling the pages.  It was an enjoyable read and very well written.  You have a great writing style that is easy to read.  Nice final sentence too.” -Bill Howell


“Borchardt’s new book is ultimately a fast read, because (like all his books) once you start reading it, you can’t put it down. And, literally, you can’t put it down physically, and you can’t put it down argumentatively. Some may disagree with it. But that would only reveal the indeterminist within. Borchardt ends his masterpiece with a look forward to the inevitable paradigm shift, and how mankind will be better off for it.” -Fred Frees


“Glenn Borchardt’s book “Religious Roots of Relativity” is not just about relativity and religion, it’s not only about physics, it’s much more, about science which is under a siege by everything what is not science. If I had to review Borchardt’s book: “Religious Roots of Relativity” in only once sentence, I would say: We need more books like this one!” -Rudolf Vrnoga


“Impressive piece of work! Very much in line with Collingwood and my essay on the subject. I had never realized these assumptions were of religious origin, though, besides the priest's obvious motivations.” -Pierre Berrigan


Glenn Borchardt's book uses the hammer of Infinity to explain and destroy the junk theories that plague 'Official' physics today. This is a book that should be used in college courses, to give students a basic understanding of how physics is done. Physics has 'gone off the rails' for a century and it is books like Borchardt's that will return physics from its current unscientific and anti-materialist base and back on to a scientific and materialist road." -Mike Gimbel”

Thanks to all the reviewers and to those of you who are so inclined as well. Reviews are always appreciated, even if they are only a few words.


You can get the Kindle version for $3.99 at:



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There already are paperback versions available. $9.99 for b&w and $34.99 for color.

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