If Einstein is wrong, how come Perseverance made it to Mars?

PSI Blog 20210405 If Einstein is wrong, how come Perseverance made it to Mars?


Thanks to Mike Dwyer for this question:


“How can Einstein’s theories be so wrong if so many technical advances based upon them seem to have worked so well. The most dramatic advance being the recent and sophisticated of the Mars Landers, Perseverance, being able to most successfully touchdown and now rove the surface of the red planet sending back new information from millions of miles distant.  Have you thrown all or part of poor baby Albert out with the anti-relativity wash water?”


[GB: Mike, we must remember there is at present a huge divide between theoretical and experimental physics. Landing instruments on other cosmic bodies is an engineering feat, which does not require relativity. The calculations for that are based simply on Newtonian mechanics. Even the most ardent regressive physicist will have to admit that our rockets don’t come close to moving at the speed of light. Engineers do not deal with c except in their communications and in electrical engineering. At least, I have never heard of any rocket scientist having to deal with four dimensions, wormholes, or any of the other nonsense perpetrated by Einstein’s descendants.  In fact, some of the best folks seeking to reform or demolish relativity are electrical engineers. Those who have their feet on the ground tend to snicker at the “pin in the sky” stuff being pushed by the current batch of physics evangelists. They know that nothing happens unless one thing hits another thing—curved empty space be dammed.


As I explained in "Religious Roots of Relativity," Einstein’s relativity became popular because it was based on religious assumptions (e.g., perfectly empty space implying a supernatural creator was necessary for anything to exist). Any so-called “proofs” of relativity invariably are einsteinisms: predictions that were right for the wrong reasons. About the best example of that is the bending of light around the Sun. That occurs because the Sun has an atmosphere that produces simple refraction. There are many other einsteinisms, some of which I explained in “Infinite Universe Theory.” See PSI Blog 20210322 for an explanation of the GPS trope that we would be lost without Einstein. Any time you start thinking Einstein might be right about something, dig into it with the “The Ten Assumptions of Science” in your back pocket. You might be surprised.]   











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