Living after dying in the Infinite Universe?

PSI Blog 20210503 Living after dying in the Infinite Universe?


Roger asks:


“Could I develop an argument in my memoir that the theory of infinity means that we live forever? It requires no god, only that our particles exist. As Sagan said, we are all star dust and we return to stardust.”


[GB: Microcosms come into being through convergence and go out of being through divergence.  Consciousness is the motion within the brain. You can have a brain without a mind, but you can't have a mind without a brain. There is no living after dying. Everything afterwards will be the same as before you were born. Last I checked, particles didn't have minds, and even they don't last forever. They break down into smaller particles, and like the carbon of the dinosaurs, sometimes combine in new life forms. The only "thing" that lasts forever is the infinite universe, with its various parts occasionally producing and destroying the consciousness that allows parts of it to be aware of some of the other parts. Sagan’s metaphor is poetic but, like all metaphors, not exactly accurate.] 

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