Meet Dr. Abhishek Chakravartty: First questioner to receive all PSI books

 PSI Blog 20211115 Meet Dr. Abhishek Chakravartty: First questioner to receive all PSI books


[GB: Propaganda favoring relativity and the Big Bang Theory is so strong that one rarely comes across anyone curious enough to spend much time trying to understand the reasons behind the many paradoxes, contradictions, and weirdness that vex those theories. It normally takes decades to get the gist of what has happened to theoretical physics and cosmology during the last century. That is why it is especially encouraging to us old timers when younger folks come to the fore. Abhishek is one such enthusiast with whom I have exchanged over 100 emails since 2015. So, it is not surprising that he was the first to present questions that won our new weekly book contest the maximum of seven times.


What I liked especially was the nature of his questions, which nearly always were of the type that might come to the minds of people perplexed by the usual hype. His reading was thorough, often citing chapter and verse in our books to ask pertinent questions about stuff not quite clear. I am sure Abhi will have more questions in the future even though he now has all the PSI books.


Dr. Chakravartty was born in Calcutta, India on 29 March 1991. He has a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management.

Here is his story:]


“In the year 2011, I started doing research on whether time travel was possible or not. So, I visited the website https://www.relativitychallenge.com/, owned by Steven B. Bryant. I started contacting him by email to ask him questions about Einstein's theory of relativity. He also answered the questions. In the year 2015, I understood that time travel is impossible because Einstein's theory of relativity is wrong. In the year 2016, Bryant's book entitled “Disruptive” was released. After reading the book, I understood the mathematical mistakes made by Einstein in establishing relativity theory.


I then contacted Dr. Glenn Borchardt on his email gborchardt@gmail.com to continue my physics research. I asked him many questions about physics. Some of them were answered in PSI Blogs. This is how I got interested in PSI. I am still continuing my physics research with Dr. Borchardt. One of my hobbies is writing short stories for children. In the year 2016, I wrote a book named 'Happy Reads'. The book contains seven unique short stories for children.”

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