Relative Infinity

Ed asks:

I was wondering if the following are correct as far as the 10 assumptions are concerned?

The universe is infinitely large and infinitely small. It also has an infinite number of microcosms. All microcosms are finitely large and are infinitely small.

[Remember that the Eighth Assumption of Science, infinity, assumes that the universe is infinite, both in the microcosmic and macrocosmic directions. It doesn’t elaborate on what this infinity amounts to. But, from the other assumptions, we do have some things to go by. For instance, the Ninth Assumption of Science, relativism says that all things have characteristics that make them similar to all other things as well as characteristics that make them dissimilar to all other things. That means that no two things are exactly the same size. I assume that nothing is infinitely large except the universe itself. Your question is intriguing because it implies that the size of a particular microcosm (like motion) is dependent on the presence of yet another microcosm. Thus, the sizes of microcosms are purely relative. There can be nothing “small” unless there is something “large.” For practical purposes, however, I would not agree that “all microcosms are…infinitely small.” And, as you imply, one could just as well consider them infinitely large. Relative to the infinite universe, any one microcosm may be infinitely small, but in our practical every-day existence, that does not seem to be the case. There are always microcosms larger and smaller than us. Each of us may be a tiny spec in the infinite universe, but we are what we are. We have only one chance to make the most of it.]    


henk korbee said...

hence there are infinitely microcosms which must have something in common and not otherwise. Seemingly there position is space is making the difference so every microcosm is equal to every other one except there position in space. But how to decide that there are infinitely microcosms? Counting? No way! Assumption? No way. Conclusion?

Glenn Borchardt said...


Thanks for commenting once again. According to the Eighth Assumption of Science, infinity (The universe is infinite, both in the microcosmic and macrocosmic directions). This means, of course, that there are an infinite number of microcosms, which is what I think you mean by “infinitely microcosms.” Remember also the Ninth Assumption of Science, relativism (All things have characteristics that make them similar to all other things as well as characteristics that make them dissimilar to all other things). Relativism means, of course, that no two microcosms are “equal” (i.e., there are no identities in nature). As explained in "The Ten Assumptions of Science" (TTAOS), there is no way to answer fundamental questions without assuming. The indeterministic propaganda is that we must not assume (e.g., ass u me), in spite of the fact that we must do it all the time. After all, that’s how we drive down 2-lane highways, etc. The propaganda is necessary for indeterminists because the correct assumptions are antithetical to their worldview and the contradictions engendered by it (e.g., walking on water, virgin birth, living after dying, 4-dimensions, explosions from nothing, etc.).

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