Regressive physics--Calculations show that the universe should not exist

Blog 20151202 Regressive physics--Calculations show that the universe should not exist

Another great heads up from George Coyne:

"Hi Glenn:

I find this article from Tech Times quite amusing. Here is an excerpt:

‘Based on a new cosmological theory, we-our planet, our solar system, our entire universe-should not exist.

Researchers are trying to understand what some astronomical theories mean in light of the latest Higgs-boson discovery. The conclusion they drew is that, if all the theories proved to be true, we are a massive impossibility according to the present models of particle physics and the beginnings of our universe. While not a comforting thought, it's certainly intriguing one.’

What I find most interesting is that the scientists would rather come to the conclusion that the existence of the universe is impossible, rather than the more logical conclusion that their theories are in serious error. My question to you is: Am I seeing this rationally and how common is this kind of strange behavior amongst regressive physicists? Do you have some other humorous examples?”

[GB: George: You are definitely the rational one. Your logic is impeccable. Einstein and his religious promoters faced such contradictions all the time. They were not fazed by the concepts of massless particles, immaterial fields, virgin birth, walking on water, living after dying, and, ultimately, the whole universe exploding out of nothing. Real scientists hate contradictions. That is why the "The Ten Assumptions of Science" are consupponible. And, like you suggest, contradictions always mean that something is wrong in the train of thought. The best that can be said for contradictions that arise during attempts at performing science is that they point the way to further research.

Regressive physicists are so well founded on indeterministic assumptions that they never question them. I suggest that Mr. Hogan be given his Ph.D. immediately. He appears eminently prepared for the fantasy world in which the Higgs “god particle" is a prominent actor on the comedic stage. The best that can be said for the Higgs is that, despite its chunky size and miniscule lifetime, it has gotten physicists to consider the macrocosm. Maybe someday they will even rediscover the aether.

Thanks George, I consider regressive physics to be one big humorous contradiction in the face of material reality, but always welcome new examples of the weirdness. Maybe we should write a book in which we try to collect them all in one place. It will be hard to keep up though, with pandering magazines such as New Scientist producing one almost every week.]

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Westmiller said...

I agree that the Standard Model is a bad joke, but equally humorous is the media's persistent misrepresentation of what the theory claims.
1. The "Higgs particle" isn't a particle, it's momentary "excitation" of the Higgs Field;
2. The Higgs excitation isn't the God that gives everything mass, it is the Higgs Field;
3. The Higgs excitation doesn't prove the existence of the Higgs Field, only that there is a spurious energy pulse that actually contradicts the Higgs Theory.

I wonder whether physicists joke about their own theories after a few drinks ... bought with their Pulitzer prize money.