CERN discovers the universe doesn't exist

PSI Blog 20171101 CERN discovers the universe doesn't exist

Egads! The trillion-dollar regression marches on…

  • By Ryan Whitwam on October 25, 2017

Unless you are looking for a few good laughs, you might want to skip this latest outrage. Here are some quotes that will give you the gist of what the geniuses at CERN have come up with:

“One of the big questions in science is not just “why are we here?’ It’s, “why is anything here?” Scientists at CERN have been looking into this one over the last several years, and there’s still no good answer. In fact, the latest experiment from physicists working at the Swiss facility supports the idea that the universe doesn’t exist. It certainly seems to exist, though. So, what are we missing?”

“In particle physics, the Standard Model…has been supported by experimentation, but it predicts that the big bang that created the universe would have resulted in equal amounts of matter (us and everything around us) and antimatter (rare). If they were equal, why didn’t the early universe cancel itself out, leaving just a sea of energy?”

These guys don’t seem to know what matter is and have forgotten all about the Fifth Assumption of Science, conservation (Matter and the motion of matter can be neither created nor destroyed). So matter and anti-matter supposedly turn into energy, which is once again construed as matterless motion. Krauss and Captain Bligh would be proud!

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