Review of de Climont 's list of critics of regressive physics and cosmogony

PSI Blog 20180214 Review of de Climont 's list of critics of regressive physics and cosmogony

Among the many citations I have in Infinite Universe Theory is this very important resource for those of us opposed to the Big Bang Theory:

de Climont, Jean, 2018, The worldwide list of alternative theories and critics [http://go.glennborchardt.com/declimont16dissidentlist].

Here is my review:

Congrats to Jean de Climont for such a wonderful compilation of those of us involved in what is destined to be the last Cosmological Revolution. While the accuracy of the descriptions of the various theories and theorists has much to be desired, it is still a magnificent achievement. Trying to figure out what some of these folks are proposing is no easy task. As Jean mentions, the variations in theory seem overwhelming—indicating, of course, that the opposition to the Big Bang Theory, relativity, and quantum mechanics is in even more disarray than the regressive physicists and cosmogonists promoting the mainstream propaganda. One suggestion: It would be a big improvement if those listed could have an easy way of correcting what was written about them and their ideas.

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