NASA's Bow Waves in the Aether

PSI Blog 20180307 NASA's Bow Waves in the Aether

Here is the latest from NASA:

“Cosmic Bow Shocks

Bow shocks form across the universe, and studying bow shocks can reveal many cosmic secrets.”

This is a nice demonstration proving that Einstein was wrong about space being completely empty. Cosmic objects travel through what NASA calls a medium consisting of “protons, electrons, atoms, molecules, and other matter.” Nonetheless, this is an improvement on the news reports of the detection of gravity waves in the LIGO experiment.

In my first comment on LIGO (Blog 20160217) I wrote: “we can now give up the idea that space is empty. The experiment confirms that AETHER MUST EXIST. The press reports stating that the waves travelled through perfectly empty space via compression and decompression are ludicrous. That could never happen. All wave motion requires a medium. That is why Einstein’s corpuscular theory of light is equally ludicrous. Wave motion without a medium is like having water waves without water.”

Note that in the NASA video, the “bow wave” is like the wave that appears in front of a boat. It also is like the “pilot wave” that occurs when particles move through the unacknowledged aether in Quantum Mechanics. Now that the NASA folks admit that a universal medium exists, isn’t it time that they admit that Einstein’s Untired Light Theory[1] (which depends on space being perfectly empty) has been falsified? That one admission would forthwith destroy the expanding universe interpretation and the Big Bang Theory with it. Don't hold your breath...

[1] Borchardt, Glenn, 2017, Infinite Universe Theory: Berkeley, CA, Progressive Science Institute, 324 p. [http://go.glennborchardt.com/IUTebook]. (See Chapter 7).


Glenn Borchardt said...

Duncan Shaw says:

Good stuff, Glenn.

Anonymous said...

Great find Glenn! "Empty space" has never made a lot of sense to me. Now an authoritative entity has publically defined what interstellar space really is. I wonder if they fully appreciate their statement. Ed Mason