Virtual Nonsense from Physical Review Letters

PSI Blog 20180321 Virtual Nonsense from Physical Review Letters

It always amazes me what you can get published in mainstream journals purporting to be “scientific.”

Thanks to reader Piotr Łapiński who writes:

“Oh my God!: 

There must some kind of break-even point someday for all of that nonsense...”

Aether deniers have invented “virtual particles” (particles that don’t really exist or that fluctuate between existence and nonexistence or are simply imagined) to explain some of their calculations derived from Big Bang Theory. This article, filled with the usual gobbledygook, has several critical errors. Can you spot them? The “scientific” article referenced is behind a pay wall. Is that so taxpayers can’t check on what our money has been squandered on? Only saving grace: This gibberish did not come from the USA, although Physical Review Letters is published by the American Physical Society.


Anonymous said...

I gave up reading the article after about the 5th sentence. When the author resorts to "fudge factors" to make their theory work then anything is possible. I'm not going to strain my brain to sort out someone else's fantasy!

Glenn Borchardt said...

You are right. The same goes for Einstein's 8 ad hocs (fudge factors) to get around data showing light was a wave and not a particle (IUT, Table 6). Massless particles? Egads!