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PSI Blog 20180627 Einstein's Zenith

It seems that Einstein worship seems to have peaked. As the genius hero of heroes, Albert could do nothing wrong. He was always made out to be right in the popular press. Now that all seems to have changed. Of course, that is nothing new. The press sells media and advertisements when you climb the popularity mountain and again when you come crashing down. The recent publication of his racist travel diaries may be the beginning of the end for our favorite genius physicist. Grade school teachers will have to find some other model who has long hair and looks smart.

One always can ask: Why now? Are these revelations part of the “Me Too” and “Lives Matter” campaigns? Long ago, those of us in the know were apprised of Einstein’s moral difficulties with fidelity, family matters, and proper attribution. The press conveniently ignored that stuff, just like they still ignore the obvious contradictions in relativity. Reporters are reluctant to reverse direction. Those with careers on the line cannot say the universe is expanding one day and not the next. That is why I think this particular reversal is significant. Maybe we are in the age of hero destruction, which I suspect precedes every revolution.

Einstein’s reputation will suffer even greater damage when the Big Bang Theory is replaced by Infinite Universe Theory during the Last Cosmological Revolution. Here is an example of what the press had to say about Albert’s racism:

This commentary from Trevor Noah of The Daily Show on Comedy Central is particularly hard-hitting:

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