The Physical Cause of Gravitation

PSI Blog 20180620 The Physical Cause of Gravitation


The physical cause of gravitation is simple: the collision of one thing with another. Here I propose that the unseen particles involved in these collisions provide the acceleration that drives gravitation. We do not know exactly what these particles are, but it is clear they must be decelerated in the process. Here I assume they are “aether” particles, as distinguished from the anathematic fixed “ether” particles nullified by the famous Michelson-Morley experiment. Having been decelerated, aether particles become lethargic, tending to hang around whatever baryonic matter was involved in the collision. Like the nitrogen in Earth’s atmosphere, these aether particles are entrained, attached to Earth as a far-reaching “dark matter” halo. They provide the physical reason for interpretations of gravity calling for “curved space.” At low altitudes this entrained “aetherosphere” allows little of the “ether wind” that Michelson and Morley tried to measure. The upshot: proximal aether is less active (lower pressure) than distal aether (higher pressure). Things in the vicinity of massive objects receive stronger impacts from the distal side of the halo than from the proximal side. This Aether Deceleration Theory is supported by much of the data generally considered as confirmation of General Relativity Theory.

The entire paper is downloadable as a PDF at the link in this citation:

Borchardt, Glenn, 2018, The Physical Cause of Gravitation: viXra:1806.0165.

The direct link to the pdf is here:  http://go.glennborchardt.com/TPCOGpdf

[1] Note: After working on this intermittently for the last 40 years, I finally felt comfortable enough with the result to hurdle through the mainstream publication process. Nowadays, the first step is to put your unreviewed paper on an e-print site, arXiv, or viXra, the alternative. Unfortunately, the arXiv site is highly censored, being well-guarded by academics who have grown up with the “no-aether” paradigm necessary to join the physics establishment. You would have to be endorsed by one of them before submitting a paper.

The viXra site is also free, does not require endorsements, applies no censorship, and will post anything scientific that is not libellous. And unlike conference proceedings, anything you post normally is not considered “previously published,” which otherwise would make it ineligible for mainstream journals. I encourage all dissidents to consider viXra. Your paper is date-stamped, can be revised, and will be available perpetually as a free download. It might even be recognized by the mainstream after the aether ban is lifted.

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