Physics off the rails

PSI Blog 20180613 Physics off the rails

Every once in a while even the mainstream subconsciously realizes how pathetic physics has become. Here is an article by NBC News entitled “Why some scientists say physics has gone off the rails.”

It is centered on the failure of mathematical physics to discover anything of significance about reality since 1970. As usual, it includes a glorification of Einstein and quantum mechanics. It does hint that string theory and its umpteen dimensions is worthless.

The article doesn’t suggest much about what needs to be changed, although it has some subtle complaints that the billions taxpayers spent on mathematical physics may have not been worth it.

The article itself is an indication that the relativity-Big Bang paradigm has reached the end of its usefulness. Thousands of academic papers are being turned out with diminishing returns. The interviewees have criticisms, but don’t have a clue:

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