Drift of galactic clusters as proof for the Local Mega-Vortex

PSI Blog 20191204 Drift of galactic clusters as proof for the Local Mega-Vortex

Guest Blog by Ed Mason:

Hi Glenn,

Here is a very short video that mentions “beyond the known universe.” Something out there is affecting various galaxies and their movement. Just another conundrum that cosmologists are trying to sort out. They keep having to add things to their list of hard-to-explain things.


[GB: Thanks for the link. This is a nice illustration of Kashlinsky’s work, which we used in “Universal Cycle Theory”[1] to show the observed universe was only a portion of the universal hierarchy. Our cover showed it too:

Of course, no “mysterious force” exists either inside or outside the known universe. “Force” is a matter-motion term describing the collision of one microcosm with another. Above all, the galaxies are not being “pulled” toward the Local Mega-Vortex—they are being pushed, just like all microcosms undergoing gravitation per Aether Deceleration Theory.[2]

Gefter[3] summarized the phenomenon shortly after the Kashlinsky group discovered this “dark flow” of galactic clusters in 2008:  

It also has been used in support of the reformist “multiverse” and “parallel universe” theories used to bridge the gap between finity and infinity and cushion the inevitable demise of the Big Bang Theory.]

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